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In Bodrum region’s buildings pine-wood is generally used. In the research that we have done we have learned that the wood had been being smuggled from Gökova via carrier-ships. And it is said that the wood is brought to Gökova from the mountains that rise behind Muğla.

We found the wood that we were looking for in the Beyağaç village in the Eskere territory. We supplied the wood that was originally on a height of 1500-1800 meters from the Foresters on site.

In the Yarbasan Estates Project 1100 meter cube wood is used. Before the commencement of the construction the wood was brought to the construction site and was dried for a year in a natural habitat. Then it was crafted in our workshop on the construction site.

All the wood that was used in the construction, all the roof edges, the ceiling beams were impregnated via aqua imersol method before being placed.

In the wooden floor application of the subasman level a steam balance was done on the grobeton. Also perlit concrete with a wooden carcass and a wooden floor is constructed.

In between the floors ceiling covers, 3 centimeters of floormate, 6 centimeters of wooden carcass perlit concrete was used. Hence a total of 14 centimeters provide heat and sound isolation.

On the ceiling coverings 3 centimeters of roofmate, incline supports, dual-layers of PP4000 plastobit water isolatiom and perlit concrete protection was used.

In red-roof tiled roofs on wooden ceilings a OSB plate, 3 centimeters of roofmate, red-tile covers, Marseille tiles are used.

In the intervals within the buildings Baghdad style walls were done. These walls were done as wooden supports and ak earth, clay, and perlitli cast mixture on them.

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